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DOD: Trehmarex by Gilarah93 DOD: Trehmarex by Gilarah93
Name: Trehmarex
Aliases: The Tremor King, Minhocão, The Subterranean Devil
Pronounced: (Treh-muh-recks)
Faction: Alien
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Classification: Xenoposeidon pseudovermis (False-worm Unknown-earthquake-maker)
Length: 400 feet
Height: 175 feet
Wingspan: 360 feet
Weight: 375 tons

Weaponry / Abilities:

Armored Beak / Mandibles:
As he burrows his way through soil, Trehmarex is guided by his massive, armored head. Sleek, heavily constructed, and equipped with three hooked beak-like projections, the kaiju’s plow-like head is designed to penetrate and displace soil as he burrows. His “lower jaw” actually comprised of two independently mobile, partially serrated mandibles, Trehmarex’s bite can cleave flesh from bones, snap smaller limbs like twigs, and provide a firm grip on his struggling targets. Even without using his jaws, Trehmarex’s armored head is a formidable club-like bludgeoning weapon.

Rudder / Bludgeoning Tail:
Used normally for maintaining his balance while standing, and for shifting his direction when gliding and burrowing, Trehmarex’s long, flattened tail provides him with a rather effective rudder and counterbalance. Plenty powerful enough to support Trehmarex’s weight should he rear back on it, his tail additionally functions as a decent bludgeoning weapon in combat.

Bio-Jet Propulsion System:
Trehmarex is propelled through the air not by flapping his wings, but by a complex internal array of biological jet engines. Trehmarex’s apparatus appears to work like that of a bombardier beetle, which produces and stores two reactant chemical compounds in separate reservoirs; when he sees fit, the kaiju shakes his torso and tail to loosen the muscular valves that keep his reservoirs sealed tight. Once freed, the two chemical compounds flow into a single reinforced chamber, where they react violently with one another and with the atmosphere outside, producing an intense explosive thrust that can propel the kaiju at over 470 m/ph. The pressure building up within triggers the individual reservoirs’ exit valves to seal up, which protect them and the alien’s other internal organs from potential backlashes.

Serving primarily to explosively launch Trehmarex from ambush after his startled prey, these bio-jets also give him a means of searching for prey from the air. Trehmarex has been known to turn his bio-jets on his enemies as flamethrower-like weapons, burning and even melting flesh, frying nerves beyond repair, and outright igniting fur and feathers.

Flight / Gliding Capabilities:
Once he has achieved a certain altitude after a launch, Trehmarex will spread a pair of membranous wings and take to the skies, gliding about with surprising speed and agility. The kaiju keeps himself aloft by using his bio-jets for upward thrust; if startled or in pursuit of a fast target, Trehmarex will fold up his wings and free-fall to gain more speed. When not in use, Trehmarex’s wings fold down tightly against his back, their armored support struts protecting them from injury.

Shovel Scutes:
Much like the humble earthworm, Trehmarex is primarily a fossorial creature, spending much of his time at or beneath the surface of the soil. Also like the earthworm, he has an array of small appendages to push him along underground. Whereas earthworms are covered in fine, stiff bristles called setae, Trehmarex instead sports twelve shovel-like scutes along the outer sides of his legs; his legs pointing backwards as he digs, the kaiju’s muscular scutes swivel forward and back, digging in and pulling the alien through the dirt.

Impact-Resistant Hide:
Due to his rough-and-tumble burrowing lifestyle, Trehmarex’s partly segmented skin is particularly thick and leathery. Built to resist – if not outright deflect – falling earth and stone as he travels, the monster’s hide also protects him from attackers. Being almost completely smooth, Trehmarex’s skin has an uncanny ability to deflect edged weapons.

Like many burrowing animals, Trehmarex can detect seismic vibrations through his spring-like feet. If necessary, the kaiju can increase his range of sensitivity by lowering his head to the ground, his twin mandibles detecting vibrations in addition to his feet. Trehmarex uses this ability not only to detect distant prey, but to detect and identify potential threats from a safe distance.

360° Thermal Vision:
Sitting atop Trehmarex’s beak-like head is a delicate-looking pair of struts, with a translucent membrane spanning between them. Seeing as the monster lacks eyes altogether, it is believed that this flap is a thermosensory organ, allowing the monster to “see” the world around him on the basis of temperature. When not in use, this flap folds back against Trehmarex’s head, protected from harm.


Trehmarex is completely blind. Currently residing on a planet where nearly all of his adversaries have eyes, this aspect of the alien’s anatomy can land him in some serious danger.

Hydraulic Puncture:
Trehmarex is unique among known organisms in that his musculature is almost entirely hydraulic. “Pushing” his bones instead of “pulling” them like our muscles do, these bizarre hydraulic muscles do have their drawbacks: if a vital muscle is punctured and left to drain, it will be unable to operate and can leave Trehmarex crippled.

Trehmarex is little more than an animal…a cornered, frightened animal. Driven nearly insane by years of Tyloban persecution, he has been the subject of their hunting games for decades, always pursued but never allowed to be caught. He was their very own Teumessian fox. Inexperienced Tylobans learning how to hunt kaiju are often sent after him, only to release him upon capture. Such treatment has not done well for Trehmarex’s psyche.

Trehmarex’s philosophy otherwise is to eat first and ask questions later, hunting anything large enough to catch his interest.

Combat Strategy:
Under normal circumstances, Trehmarex tends not to engage in combat, saving his aggression primarily for hunting. When forced to fight other SGOs, he modifies his hunting strategies to the situation at hand, performing crippling aerial hit-and-runs on flying opponents, and charging, mauling, and dragging around foes from both above and below ground. Defensively, Trehmarex relies on his evasiveness as well as his rubbery skin.


It isn’t known when Trehmarex first appeared on post-Cycle Earth, but he was presumably jettisoned here preceding the Tyloban Empire’s arrival in the early 1970s. Why the Empire simply doesn’t kill him already isn’t known.


Artist's Commentary:
This is DOD’s Subterranean Devil, Trehmarex. A while back, while working on concepts for DOD Series Two, I somehow came up with the idea of a burrowing/running/flying worm-like alien, which I named “Trehmarex” in reference to the words “tremor king”.

As a burrowing worm-like alien, my primary source for Trehmarex’s inspiration was obvious: Graboids, the subterranean monsters from the “Tremors” film franchise. I incorporated features from all four stages in the Graboid life cycle, as well as features inspired by fictional alien fauna from Wayne D. Barlowe’s novel “Expedition”. Character-wise, Trehmarex was always intended to be simple and animalistic, as he’s not a major character in the DOD universe.

Artistic Notes:
— In terms of build, proportions, and stance, Trehmarex is most similar to the Arrowtongue from the novel “Expedition” and documentary “Alien Planet”. See here:
waynebarlowe.files.wordpress.c… .
— Trehmarex has two short, tube-like toes per foot. His legs have four moving joints apiece.
— Trehmarex has six scutes on the outer side of each leg; the inner sides of his legs have no scutes.
— Trehmarex has two mandibles that make up his “lower jaw”; these mandibles fit neatly against his upper jaw when his mouth shuts. The mandibles can move around independently.
— Trehmarex has a total of eight support struts on his back, with four struts per wing.
— Trehmarex has a total of four bio-jet thrusters on his body; the first, larger pair is located on his “shoulders”, while the second, smaller pair is located at the end of his tail.
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kaijusaurus387 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013   General Artist
Looks like an Ass-Blaster.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That was part of my inspiration, actually.
kaijusaurus387 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013   General Artist
very cool.
T-R-E-V Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
High-five for awesomeness! :D :highfive:
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
T-R-E-V Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
No, Thank You. :D
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Other than it might resemble a graboid and it's other stages a little too closely, this is a very awesome homage monster and quite funny as well.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks. The Graboid resemblance was somewhat intentional, as I rather liked the idea of Trehmarex having a beak instead of a circular lamprey-style maw.

Not quite sure what you find funny about him, though.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I understand, just thought he might look slightly too similar. It's a very hard line to walk, the homage I mean. Too far one way and no one will get it, too much on the other and people will complain it is a ripoff. Treh' here seems to be on the line in my mind at least, though leaning a bit.

Just funny in general
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree, though I illustrated him about a year and a half ago, so lessened creativity with his design is to be expected. The differences between his appearance and the Graboids' was mentioned in the Artistic Notes section.

Still not seeing it.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That explains it a bit.

I would ask how can you not find a giant finned, predatory worm of death and destruction funny, but if you can't see it I am at a loss.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed. According to the "Camera Data" info on this Deviation, I scanned Trehmarex back in April 2011, so his artwork would be at least a month older than that.

I guess you just have a strange sense of humor. LOL
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