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July 5, 2010
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May 13, 2011, 7:58:22 PM
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DOD: Lanthyota by Gilarah93 DOD: Lanthyota by Gilarah93
Name: Lanthyota
Aliases: The Divine Monitor, Tianshenlong (Heavenly-thunder-dragon), Nāga
Pronounced: (Lan-thee-oat-uh)
Faction: Defender
Alignment: Lawful Good

Classification: Lanthanotus borneensis
Length: 510 feet
Height: 205 feet
Weight: 44,000 tons

Weaponry / Abilities:

Spike Teeth:
Relatively few in number, Lanthyota's fangs are typical of her species: recurved, triangular, and a bit long when compared to her mouth. Used mainly to secure and dispatch her prey, the lizard will also bring her teeth down upon her enemies, slicing open thick hide and stripping flesh from bone.

Hook Claws:
Tipping Lanthyota's slender digits are long, heavily curved claws. More eagle-like than any lizards', the earless monitor's talons can flay flesh from bones with ease, and also serve as delicate manipulators, sturdy climbing crampons, and effective digging tools.

Whipcord Tail:
Lanthyota's elongate, slender tail is perfectly built as a mobile counterbalancing organ for her equally long neck and body. If need be, she can use her tail as a light club or, preferably, a whipcord, battering and upending her opponents, setting them up for her more lethal onslaughts.

Conductor Osteoderms:
Lining Lanthyota's long body are extensive rows of raised bony osteoderms. While physically similar to the protective osteoderms of normal earless monitors, the monster's knobbly armor also functions as a network of electrical conductors, relaying her natural electromagnetic charge all across her body and forming the physical basis of her all-encompassing “shock shield”. A particularly long pair of osteoderm rows form a twin vertical set of slicing spines along the end of her tail.

Akin to her non-kaiju cousins, Lanthyota is an adept burrower, easily capable of traveling underground at remarkable speeds and with surprising maneuverability She can also augment her electromagnetic charge from friction built up against the soil, as well as take her surface-going adversaries by surprise. Additionally, her static charge from burrowing can actually attract lightning to her body, giving her even more raw power and forcing attacking kaiju and armies to keep a considerable distance back.

Also an inherited ability from her earless monitor ancestry, Lanthyota is a highly capable swimmer, and is able to reach even greater speeds with more maneuverability than when moving underground.

The four fleshy barbels hanging from Lanthyota's chin are highly sensitive to electrical activity, and are able to detect electricity output from something as small as a TV being turned on. If need be, she can “tune out” background electricity, allowing her to concentrate on more prevalent electrical activity.

Multipurpose Electromagnetism:
Lanthyota's body is coursing with immense amounts of raw electricity generated by her elongate body's numerous electrical muscle blocks, and she has learned many ways in which to use it. At level I, her natural electrical aura is capable of wreaking havoc with small electronic devices, and can alert her of inbound monsters or militias. At level II, her heightened electrical aura condenses around her body, forming a “shock shield” that deters – and counteracts – most physical blows. At level III, Lanthyota can actually project portions of her electrical field out from her body, forming the basis of her ranged offense abilities. At level IV, she can affect and manipulate large electronic devices, and her previous abilities are made all the more powerful. Finally, at level V, Lanthyota can use her electromagnetism to physically lift objects, manipulate all manner of electronic devices, use all of her previous abilities – simultaneously if necessary – at their greatest strength, and unleash immense electromagnetic pulses that short out machines and wreak havoc on bodily systems.

Flight / Levitation:
Utilizing her natural electrical field, Lanthyota can defy gravity and forcibly hold herself off of the ground, in essence “levitating”. When levitating, she is just as fast and mobile as she is when traveling underground or underwater.

Wisdom Of Dragonkind:
Oddly for a mere lizard, Lanthyota has proven time and time again to be a surprisingly clever kaiju. An observant and frequent traveler, the earless monitor has gathered a vast knowledge of the world and many of its inhabitants, using it to her utmost advantage if a situation requiring it ever arises.

Heart Of The Dragon:
If sufficiently enraged, and if her current electrical reserves permit it, Lanthyota can reach a level “VI” electrical output, her most powerful state by far. Taking the vague guise of an immense draconian beast, the earless monitor can utilize all of her previous abilities, simultaneously if necessary, and amass nearby objects in the form of detached “hands”. Lanthyota keeps herself coiled up in the center of the hulking form, and is protected by nearly 250 feet of raw electricity on each and every side.


Due to her squat build, Lanthyota doesn't exactly have the best grappling capacity. She must rely on her entire body strength to tangle with the majority of her opponents, putting her right in the firing line.

Lanthyota's electrical muscle block reserves aren't inexhaustible. Once every week, for two or three hours at a time, she must rest her muscle blocks, allowing them to repair themselves from repetitive tissue damage and to recharge their electroproductive cells. During this time, she is totally vulnerable, in terms of her electrical abilities.

Lanthyota's personality is generally comparable to that of the celestial dragons in Chinese legends. Wise with experience and eternally curious, the earless monitor is an adventurous monster, having traveled much of the planet in search of fresh knowledge to acquire. It seems Lanthyota is particularly intrigued by the human race: it is believed by some that she is in fact impressed by our dogged resistance against our far larger and more powerful daikaiju adversaries. Her interest in humanity's activity has made her something of an impromptu guest wherever she may happen to show up. The monitor has something of a “glass half-full” ideal when it comes to sentient beings, viewing them as having good intentions at their very core, despite the outward appearances of some. It is this optimism that gives her an almost humanly sense of compassion for her allies, a healthy respect for most of her enemies, and a positive outlook on humanity as a whole: to preserve her ideals, she fights heroically for the spread of peace throughout the world. Lanthyota holds...“special”...interests for one of her allies in particular: it isn't quite clear whether he's actually realized this or not.

Combat Strategy:
Contrary to her pacifistic personality, Lanthyota is believed to be one of the most powerful Defenders on the entire planet. Slithering rapidly through the sky, the earless monitor will rain down vast electrical bolts and static shockwaves upon her grounded foes, coursing her electrical might lethally through their very veins. The kaiju will shoot aerial opponents out of the sky or chase them down and take them out by force. Her electrical affinities make her nearly untouchable, and more than able to hurl back enormous adversaries with equal and opposite force. Using her various electrical abilities, Lanthyota will hold off foes until she can deal with them adequately, all the while recharging herself with raw static energy in the ambient atmosphere. When under the monstrous guise of her “level VI” state, Lanthyota is rendered virtually unapproachable, nevertheless unassailable.

Lanthyota's true origins are a total unknown, though a few groups, Hindus notably, have theorized she is a Nāga incarnate, though this has been dismissed by the majority of Earth’s kaijuologists.


Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia, in December 1998. Malaysian Armed Forces responded to an emergency call entailing a supposed “gigantic python-lizard” wrapped around the Petronas Towers. Upon arriving at the towers, they found the report to be more than accurate. Coiled atop the towers was a gigantic, almost dragon-like reptile, sitting almost peacefully high above the cityscape. No matter: fire was opened almost immediately. Defensively, the kaiju pulsed a massive electrical charge down the towers, causing the vehicles and grounded objects below to simultaneously short out, and the ground itself to split from the sheer force of the blast, sending humans and structures skyward. Satisfied with the distraction, the monstrous reptile slithered into the air and fled the scene across the Pacific Ocean, heading due east.

Making landfall in the southwestern US deserts, Lanthyota was soon greeted by the American kaiju “welcoming committee”. As the tank shells flew and bombs detonated, Lanthyota was effectively pinned to the ground, unable to fly or burrow to safety. Rounds tore through flesh, and bullets shattered scales: the onslaught was literally tearing her apart. She fell, her consciousness withering away, her strength fading from her body. Then, a new sound, amid the shouts and the explosions, rose forth: soil displacement. Low roaring and irregular footfalls of another, more monstrous creature soon followed, accompanied by shrill mechanical sounds of all sorts, and then silence. Complete silence. The footfalls rose up again; the Divine Monitor managed to open her eyes, and took in the sight before her: a massive reptile, black and yellow in pattern, with a distinct underbite, stood tall before her. The beast gazed into her eyes, and she fought to gaze right back into his...then it all faded out to black....


Artist's Commentary:
This is Days Of Dikorus' resident dragoness kaiju, Lanthyota. Under her previous name of “Lanthanotus”, this character was one of my earlier creations back in DOD's infancy. I had designed her after the dragons of Chinese/Japanese/Korean legends, known as “lungs” in China. In all of her incarnations, Lanthyota has been an elongate, osteoderm-covered earless monitor with barbels on her chin. Character-wise, Lanthyota is based roughly in the culture of Chinese dragons, which believe themselves to be noble, dignified beings obligated to aid lesser creatures in their world.

Artistic Notes:
— Lanthyota has five digits per hand/foot. Each hand/foot has a “thumb”, and four fingers/toes.
— Lanthyota has four barbels on her chin: the innermost pair is the longer pair.
— On her neck, Lanthyota has three rows of osteoderms; on her torso, five rows; on her tail, three rows.
— Lanthyota has a pair of rounded plates on the back of her skull, a bit like those of the Inostrancevia in “Dino Crisis 2”. On each plate, there are five osteoderms, 2 facing up, and 3 facing backwards.
— Lanthyota is most similar to a Chinese dragon in form, posture, and methods of locomotion. The best example of this is the Celestial Dragon from the film “Dragon Wars”.

*First Bornean earless monitor kaiju on DA!*
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SpontaneousFork Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The "Heart of the Dragon" ability sounds like an amazing sight just with a bad survival rate of those in the vicinity.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Minor losses must be accepted for the greater good, unfortunately.
Crystaldemon93 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
Electro-drake looks great in colors! Bland and smooth, perfect to surprise your ass with a face-first lightning bolt! XD
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL Thanks!
Crystaldemon93 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
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hybridtheSharkasaus Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student Artist
awsome looks like an imoogi with legs
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, the Imoogi actually were a source of inspiration for me when I designed Lanthyota.
hybridtheSharkasaus Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student Artist
AkityMH Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay for Monitor Lizards. I have to say its a good use of the Squamata group of animals. I see snake, mosasaur and Monitor. Win Win situation.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Technically, she's a relative of monitor lizards and helodermids. I believe we've gone over this before.

Thanks, though Lanthyota's based only on Lungs, not mosasaurs or any other type of squamate.
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