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ATI: Kaanag by Gilarah93 ATI: Kaanag :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 10 14
Reign of Fire: Dive-bomber
Common Name: Dive-bomber
Scientific Name: Draco infernalis
Length: 65 feet
Wingspan: 90 feet
Adaptations: Horned head, large wings, grasping hindlegs
Fire Type: Napalm breath, fireball
Diet: Carnivorous
Maturation: Adult, non-breeding female
Caste Function: Hunting, aerial attack / defense
The dive-bomber is the “standard” dragon caste commonly encountered by humans, and is potentially the most numerous. Dive-bombers typify and exemplify the features that made dragons so successful – they are quick, powerful, and heavily-armed carnivores, a living weapon guided by a cunning, predatory intellect. This caste was named for its habit of strafing targets with napalm and for snatching them in its talons, then dropping them from extreme heights.
Dive-bombers are all female, and have all the characteristic physical features of dragonkind. They, like black snorters, are kept sexually immature by ch
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 3
DOD Bestiary: Feller-buncher
Common Name: Feller-buncher
Pronounced: (Feller-buncher)
Classification: Sylvatitan baxteri (Baxter’s Forest-titan)
SGOC Rank: Megafauna
Length: 78 feet
Height: 26 feet at the hips
Weight: 44 tons
Diet: Herbivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Herd (15-20 members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: North America
IUCN Status: Vulnerable
The feller-buncher is a giant sauropod native to the conifer forests of post-Cycle North America. A browsing titanosaur, this armored beast is likely the descendant of the late Cretaceous giant Alamosaurus, although it more closely resembles lithe and narrow-bodied beasts like Diplodocus instead of its chunkier titanosaur brethren.
Feller-bunchers were so named for their habit of felling trees as both a practical
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 3
Bass Pro Shop: Alligator snapping turtle by Gilarah93 Bass Pro Shop: Alligator snapping turtle :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 0 Days Of Dikorus: After The Impact by Gilarah93 Days Of Dikorus: After The Impact :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 2 5
Reign of Fire: Black Snorter
Common Name: Black Snorter
Scientific Name: Draco infernalis
Length: 55 feet
Wingspan: 50 feet
Adaptations: Thick horns, armored head and back, hypertrophied fire glands, flightlessness
Fire Type: Napalm breath
Diet: Carnivorous
Maturation: Adolescent male
Caste Function: Ground attack / defense
The black snorter is a fearsome dragon that is typically found in hills, ruins, and along coastlines. Whereas female jakyls metamorphose into flight-capable dragons, graceful and deadly, the males take a terrifying detour, transforming into monstrous creatures that lumber along the ground, spewing gouts of napalm not from their mouths, but from their nostrils.
Black snorters are adolescent male dragons, their maturation stunted chemically by the presence of both bulls and napalm-breathers. They are as big as adult females but are much more muscular, and their wings are too small to get them airborne; instead they walk on all
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 5 5
DDO Bestiary: Fangbat, Ropen
Common Name: Fangbat, Ropen
Pronounced: (Fang-bat), (Rope-n)
Classification: Saurofalco / various sp., Luminopteryx novaguineae (New-Guinea’s Luminous-wing)
SGOC Rank: Fauna
Length: 2 – 4 feet (fangbat), 7 feet (ropen)
Height: 1 – 2 feet (ground level)
Wingspan: 3 – 5 feet (fangbat), 9 feet (ropen)
Weight: 2 – 8 lbs. (fangbat), 11 lbs. (ropen)
Diet: Carnivore / Omnivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Flock (10-50+ members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: Worldwide (fangbat), New Guinea (ropen)
IUCN Status: Least Concern (fangbat), Endangered (ropen)
The fangbats and the ropen are two well-known representatives of the rhamphorhynchoids, a suborder of pterosaurs that commonly have long vaned tails, n
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 6 3
Bass Pro Shop: Alligator gar by Gilarah93 Bass Pro Shop: Alligator gar :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 0
Titanomachy, Chapter Twelve
It was six days before the world began putting itself back together. Six long days of fear, doubt, and near-total radio silence. People were hesitant at first; was it really over? Had the war finally ended?
But, as the survivors started digging their way to freedom, and as relief efforts began to mobilize worldwide, the answer was clear.
Stories of terror and heroism abounded after the Titanomachy. As the cloak of interference fell away from Hong Kong’s airspace there came word of survivors both civilian and military, brave people working together to stay hidden and out of the Horde’s deadly grasp, fighting to survive and to one day share their experiences. Families once separated by war now rejoiced as they were reunited, shedding tears both in happiness and in mourning.
Hong Kong itself was a near-total loss. Most of the city lay in ruin save for, ironically, the anarchistic Kowloon Walled City. However, the city soon became the site of the single largest humanitarian eff
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 20
Reign of Fire: Spitfire
Common Name: Spitfire
Scientific Name: Pseudodraco bifurucaudum
Length: 14 feet
Wingspan: 23 feet
Adaptations: Unique wing structure, forked tail, extremely fast flight
Fire Type: Fireball
Diet: Carnivorous
Maturation: N/A, symbiotic species
Caste Function: Scout, fast aerial attack
The screeching, sulfur-yellow spitfire looks like a dragon, breathes fire like a dragon, acts like a dragon, and seems very much to be a dragon – but it’s not.
Spitfires resemble small, fork-tailed dragons but are distinguished mainly by their wings which, being supported by a single elongated finger, are morphologically more akin to those of a pterosaur than a dragon. Spitfires have stubby hindlegs that are modified into winglets, helping the animal steer and maintain its balance at high speeds. The evolutionary history of this species is a mystery, as their fragile bones rarely fossilize. In all aspects of behavior they rese
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 4 12
DOD Bestiary: Eurypterid
Common Name: Eurypterid (Sea scorpion)
Pronounced: (You-rip-terr-id)
Classification: Eurypterida / various sp.
SGOC Rank: Mesofauna / Fauna / Megafauna
Length: up to 24 feet
Height: up to 15 inches (ground level)
Legspan: up to 7 feet
Weight: up to 1800 lbs.
Diet: Carnivore / Omnivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Group (5-100 members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: Oceans worldwide, large coastal rivers; the World Below
IUCN Status: Least Concern
Eurypterids, or more commonly “sea scorpions”, are an order of aquatic arthropods that first evolved in the Ordovician period nearly 460 MYA, and have been surviving in the World Below caverns ever since. These invertebrates are famous for their size and scorpion-like appearance and rang
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 4 5
DOD Bestiary: Reedback by Gilarah93 DOD Bestiary: Reedback :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 6 6 Jurassic Park Maintenance Jeep by Gilarah93 Jurassic Park Maintenance Jeep :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 4 1
Titanomachy, Chapter Eleven
Outer space, just beyond Earth’s moon.
The Tyloban Empire’s worst fears had been realized.
Down below, upon the war-torn crust of their homeworld, their greatest champion had called for backup. They knew what this meant. They all knew.
The Imperial Council had opposed it, of course. They had condemned it in the public forums, demanding that another way be found. They couldn’t sit idly by and watch their race’s strongest ally and dearest friend destroy himself, not in such times as these. But regardless of what they thought about it, the nine Council members lacked Emperor Tylobite’s political clout by design. He was the Council’s tenth member and leader, their people’s Emperor – what he said, went. And now, his best friend in all the post-Cycle world was living on borrowed time.
The Tyloban Empire’s backup strategy took a page from their first encounter with humanity. Their turning point in the Human-Tyloban War was – a
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 16
Reign of Fire: Jakyl
Common Name: Jakyl
Scientific Name: Draco infernalis
Length: 12 feet
Adaptations: Upright stance, strong bite, vestigial wings
Fire Type: N/A
Diet: Carnivorous
Maturation: Juvenile
Caste Function: Ground attack
The fast-running, almost dinosaurian jakyl is so unlike other dragons morphologically that it was first thought to have been a different species entirely; it was only later after DNA analyses (the first since the apocalypse) that the jakyl’s true nature was determined – they are juvenile dragons.
Jakyls are four-legged reptiles with an upright, mammal-like stance, allowing them to run extremely quickly; their pale and mottled hide is underlain with powerful muscles, making jakyls an absolute terror when encountered on foot or even in a vehicle, which they will bite and ram viciously until it is disabled. An armored skull and stumpy horns give jakyls all the strength of a battering ram, and they have been
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 7
DOD Bestiary: Ennedi tiger
Common Name: Ennedi tiger
Pronounced: (In-eh-dee tiger)
Classification: Drepanodus ennediensis (Scythe-tooth-of-the-Ennedi)
SGOC Rank: Megafauna
Length: 5 feet
Height: 4 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 230 lbs.
Diet: Carnivore
Social Structure: Solitary
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: north-central Africa
IUCN Status: Endangered
The Ennedi tiger is a species of sabertooth cat native to the deserts and canyons of north-central Africa. Small as far as sabertooths go, the tiger is approximately leopard-sized but bobtailed and more muscular in build, which reflects its rock-climbing abilities quite well. These cats have a rocky red base coloration with pale vertical striping that gives the animal a distinctly tiger-like appearance. The paws are broad and furry enou
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 3


Pirates VS Seamonsters: The Squidus by Hellraptor Pirates VS Seamonsters: The Squidus :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 137 20 HYPO Pue The Isle (consept) repost by PhantomDino454545 HYPO Pue The Isle (consept) repost :iconphantomdino454545:PhantomDino454545 7 6 Terrible Arthropods by Crystaldemon93 Terrible Arthropods :iconcrystaldemon93:Crystaldemon93 19 15 Neurotenic Carnotaurus by Tapwing Neurotenic Carnotaurus :icontapwing:Tapwing 296 68 Gargouille by Crystaldemon93 Gargouille :iconcrystaldemon93:Crystaldemon93 12 18 Celestial Dragon ink by Crystaldemon93 Celestial Dragon ink :iconcrystaldemon93:Crystaldemon93 15 9 Hyper Forest by Tapwing Hyper Forest :icontapwing:Tapwing 329 49 Hyperendocrin quetzalcoatlus by Tapwing Hyperendocrin quetzalcoatlus :icontapwing:Tapwing 473 42 LC~ Sauropod War Rig by laserdragonbeast7 LC~ Sauropod War Rig :iconlaserdragonbeast7:laserdragonbeast7 7 5 Mandibles - Main Menu Design by Poharex Mandibles - Main Menu Design :iconpoharex:Poharex 7 18
DOD Contest Entry: Kruncher
Name: Kruncher
Aliases: Krusher, Pulverizer, Prehistoric Pugilist
Classification: Magnoneekrognathus africanus (Great destructive jaws of Africa)
Faction: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 300 feet tall at the shoulder
Length: 720 feet long
Weight: 1,450 tons
Burly Brawler: Even by kaiju standards, Kruncher is utterly massive, and he knows how to use his size to his advantage. The great beast is nearly impossible to knock over or pick up, and he often devastates enemies with bone-crushing body slams and charges, scattering his opponents like bowling pins.
Thick Hide, Thicker Head: Kruncher's body is covered in incredibly thick armored hide, measuring several meters thick in some places, making it extremely difficult to really hurt the big beast. Furthermore, the kaiju's skull is incredibly reinforced,
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 3 3
Gigaroon Returns! by King-Edmarka Gigaroon Returns! :iconking-edmarka:King-Edmarka 114 54 Contest: Taraich by HayesAJones Contest: Taraich :iconhayesajones:HayesAJones 18 16 Mysterious Island by priteeboy Mysterious Island :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 2,404 383 Megahorn Mesa by priteeboy Megahorn Mesa :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 1,117 313 Going retro: Diracodon laticeps ( New Background) by Hellraptor Going retro: Diracodon laticeps ( New Background) :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 305 63



The Titanomachy has forever changed our planet. Perhaps the greatest threat humanity has ever faced has been averted, but not without a heavy cost.

Kaiju that were once under human control now roam free, taking revenge against their former captors at every opportunity. The events of the Titanomachy have also awakened kaiju never before seen from their slumber beneath the planet’s crust, replacing those lost during the great conflict. Word about us spreads quickly among the kaiju…and not much of it is good. Worse yet, there are signs that the creatures we fought in the Titanomachy are still out there, and they have not given up….

The Days of Dikorus may be over, but for now…post-Cycle Earth lives.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to After The Impact!

If you haven’t yet read my “Titanomachy” short story, what follows below are *SPOILERS*. If you want to catch up now, go here and start reading:… .

But for the rest of you, welcome again!

After The Impact (ATI for short) is the first planned expansion for the Days Of Dikorus kaijuverse. It follows post-Cycle Earth after the Titanomachy – a world war brought about by the kaiju Diaborus and his followers – comes to a close, ending with a narrow victory in humanity’s favor. But we couldn’t do it alone; the Tyloban Empire helped out but only to save themselves, for if humanity fell their tenuous claim to the planet might also be in jeopardy. Unfortunately things turned messy and, one thing leading to another, one of the Empire’s massive habitation ships was shot down, its remains littering the eastern hemisphere. The wreckage is a treasure trove of Tyloban tech and knowledge that, in the right (or wrong) hands, could drastically change the course of human history. Interested parties from all over the world are now rushing to find it….

Here are some new features we can expect for After The Impact:

— Factions as shown in kaiju bios will be modified a bit from what we’re used to. Nothing major, just a small overhaul. Most of you probably won’t even notice. =P

— Shorter and more concise kaiju bios. For those of you who like an expository essay, sorry. I’m really trying to cut down on the clutter and make my writing concise and easier to read. This applies to descriptions of kaiju abilities, characters, and backstories. Also, all new deviations for ATI (except the bestiary) will have “ATI:” in the title instead of “DOD:”.

— Life on post-Cycle Earth goes on. The setting will continue to develop as time progresses, with short stories and artwork making up the bulk of this new content. Some standing lore has also been updated; Sunset Blade, for instance, now has to rebuild its menagerie after losing most of it during the Titanomachy. The bestiary will continue to be posted as well.

— The return of classic kaiju! Many of DOD’s old monsters are gone while others still remain; those that survived the Titanomachy are back with designs both new and old, along with updated bios and character descriptions. For those who like spoilers, here’s a few familiar faces who are making a comeback: Iranitith, Gilarah, and Razorr.

— All-new kaiju! A whole new set of monsters are coming to post-Cycle Earth, now that I finally have the hang of designing them. I won’t divulge anything on them further, but expect great things. ;)

I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have about ATI or Days Of Dikorus in general. Thank you for your support! :)

Finally, to wrap things up here is the unofficial theme for After The Impact, Candlelight Red’s song “Life as We Know It”:… .
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My personal kaijuverse, Days Of Dikorus, is my largest project and my #1 artistic priority.



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