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Welcome to post-Cycle Earth.
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Titanomachy, Chapter Three
The day that Diaborus announced his presence to the world will forever be known in infamy.
This day, on the date of June 4th, 2015, a massive burst of electromagnetic interference came out of the remote reaches of northwestern Russia, scrambling communications worldwide for at least a quarter of an hour. With it came splitting headaches that inadvertently caused many mishaps and accidents, but these paled against the nightmare that was soon to come.
Humans had not been the only ones to be affected by the interference. Underlying the blast was a cry of infrasound, the language of large beasts everywhere, and nearly every kaiju on post-Cycle Earth heard it. It was a call to arms…it was a call for rebellion.
Not all kaiju complied. Defenders either ignored it or grew concerned, worried by the sheer strength of the call and the previously unknown monster it might belong to; all over the world the kaiju allies of man mobilized, guarding populated areas from a safe distance, watching f
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 4 7
DOD Bestiary: Pythornis :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 5 5 Dinosaur Museum: Styracosaurus :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 6 1 Dinosaur Museum: Utahraptor :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 5 3 Dinosaur Museum: Ornitholestes :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 6 1
Titanomachy, Chapter Two
It had been, first and foremost, a game.
A means of whiling away the long hours and days, he’d hidden himself in the depths of the great boreal forest, tinkering, toying with the minds of men. He’d found most of them weak and feeble, easily provoked and more than susceptible to his influence. For a time Diaborus was content to create scenarios and watch them play out, observing the reactions of his thralls from afar, seeing how his influence affected their minds, but in time he wanted something…more. He began luring humans to his lair, drawing them away from their homes in the cold dead of night, instilling in their heads an irrefutable notion of his divinity, appealing to the ego shared by all kaiju; a strange form of cult soon swelled in the forest, setting the trees ablaze with ceremonial bonfires and guttural chants and dances, all to appease their monstrous and ever-watchful lord. He found entertainment in this, drawing out much amusement with which to dis
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 14
Fanart: Placodor :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 7 9 Dinosaur Museum: Ajancingenia :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 4 0
Titanomachy, Chapter One
Central Siberia, 1977.
A nearby twig snapped, and Yuri Kliment froze.
The dark shape looked human, thickly clothed perhaps, but it moved through the conifer trees like an automaton. Or a zombie, Yuri thought darkly. The figure plodded onward through ankle-deep snow, deeper into the cold, dark forest. Yuri cautiously followed.
Not once did Yuri take his eyes off the strange figure. It seemed to ignore him; in his brown leather coat and ushanka he must’ve looked just like it. More figures like him and it materialized out of the trees, all of them heading deeper into the forest as if drawn by some unseen signal. Like it or not, Yuri knew they were here for the same reason he was.
A recently fired auto mechanic, the gaunt-looking native of Saint Petersburg had been walking for hours now, almost nonstop. His white Moskvitch-408 was a powerful little thing, his tinkering had made sure of that, but she’d given up the mechanical ghost a day ago and many miles back.
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 6
DOD Bestiary: Dirkayrodon
Common Name: Dirkayrodon
Pronounced: (Dirk-ay-row-don)
Classification: Letalititan rex (Lethal-titan King)
SGOC Rank: Megafauna
Length: 55 feet
Height: 14 feet at the hips
Weight: 9 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Pack (4-8 members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: central / southern South America
IUCN Status: Vulnerable
The dirkayrodon is a huge carnivorous dinosaur native to the jungles and pampas of post-Cycle South America. A descendant of the Cretaceous carcharodontosaurs, this giant predator is famous as a specialist hunter of even more gigantic prey: the mighty brontosaur.
The basic carcharodontosaur body plan has been preserved well in the dirkayrodon: it is a long, short-legged predator with a low center of gravity. The massive trian
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 4 10
Dinosaur Museum: Stegoceras :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 0 Dinosaur Museum: Mosasaur :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 7 0 Dinosaur Museum: Dilophosaurus :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 7 1
Bottom of the World
Ushuaia, southernmost Patagonia.
Handle it, por favor. I need some air.
Artemio “Hot Rod” Rodriguez didn’t like to haggle; he left the front desk and its short little shopkeep, the buying now in Sarah’s and Phil’s much more capable hands. Weaving in between tight-packed shelves, stepping outside the supply shop’s creaking wooden door, he slicked back his hair and went looking for the rest of the team. With any luck they were having a better time in this place than he was.
After nearly twelve months of southbound travel, the stalkers had finally made it to the bottom of the inhabited world. Here some unnamed force akin to gravity drew the dregs of civilized society, accumulating them along the rough shores of the nations that would tolerate them. Settlements popped up here and there, ephemeral places doomed to be abandoned or wiped out by disaster, pirates, or even the local wildlife, but only the biggest and most organized had an
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 6
Dickerson Park Zoo: American alligator :icongilarah93:Gilarah93 6 0
DOD Bestiary: Dire wolf
Common Name: Dire wolf
Pronounced: (Dire wolf)
Classification: Canis dirus (Dire-canine)
SGOC Rank: Megafauna
Length: 5 feet
Height: 3 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 170 lbs.
Diet: Carnivore
Social Structure: Pack (5-15 members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: Europe, Asia
IUCN Status: Least Concern
The dire wolf is a large species of pack-hunting canine found in Europe and Asia. A holdover from the Pleistocene, this fearsome canid apparently went extinct in the Americas but managed to escape across the Bering land bridge, thus ensuring its survival into our post-Cycle world.
Dire wolves look like heavily-built wolf/coyote hybrids but behave a bit more like hyenas. They have exceptionally powerful jaws and large back teeth for gripping and crushing bones, whic
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 6 3


Hyperendocrin quetzalcoatlus :icontapwing:Tapwing 385 33 LC~ Sauropod War Rig :iconlaserdragonbeast7:laserdragonbeast7 7 5 Mandibles - Main Menu Design :iconpoharex:Poharex 7 18
DOD Contest Entry: Kruncher
Name: Kruncher
Aliases: Krusher, Pulverizer, Prehistoric Pugilist
Classification: Magnoneekrognathus africanus (Great destructive jaws of Africa)
Faction: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 300 feet tall at the shoulder
Length: 720 feet long
Weight: 1,450 tons
Burly Brawler: Even by kaiju standards, Kruncher is utterly massive, and he knows how to use his size to his advantage. The great beast is nearly impossible to knock over or pick up, and he often devastates enemies with bone-crushing body slams and charges, scattering his opponents like bowling pins.
Thick Hide, Thicker Head: Kruncher's body is covered in incredibly thick armored hide, measuring several meters thick in some places, making it extremely difficult to really hurt the big beast. Furthermore, the kaiju's skull is incredibly reinforced,
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 3 3
Gigaroon Returns! :iconking-edmarka:King-Edmarka 107 51 Contest: Taraich :iconhayesajones:HayesAJones 18 16 Mysterious Island :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 2,370 380 Megahorn Mesa :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 1,102 312 Going retro: Diracodon laticeps ( New Background) :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 291 63 Going retro: Laelaps aquilunguis ( New Background) :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 304 58 Open wide! :iconx4zeroe6:X4zeroE6 137 36 Mokele Mbembe :iconfeath3rface:Feath3rFace 100 29 Grootslang :iconaliencon:Aliencon 17 7 Sentinel :iconzachariah-of-mars:Zachariah-of-Mars 13 9
No Longer Man's (2016)
In 1945, the "Trinity" nuclear bombing test rouses the activity of an unknown presence. The following month, the dropping of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs awakens a massive organism, rising from the Pacific Ocean like an alien land mass and hovering above the waves. Tendrils drooped from this 1000 foot tall crystalline mountain, and upon land fall harvested the fallout of the bomb struck cities. The Americans code named it "Volare" , the Japanese named it "Monsutashima".
The footage of the creature goes around the world, millions are in awe as they witness an impossible thing float hauntingly above a dead city and drag it's roots across the ashes. Relegion and science battle with interpretation as militaries and governments plan and prepare for action.
As the years pass Volare becomes a threat, attacking nearby cities for whatever it considers sustenance. Military forces attempt bombardment, only to have their planes mysteriously stop working and pilots
:iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 7 5
Slayer :iconzachariah-of-mars:Zachariah-of-Mars 14 8



It is the 19th Century…and in the southeast English county of Surrey, something unprecedented has occurred.

Somehow, the fabric of space-time has been torn, and now a shimmering portal through past, present, and future has emerged into London’s very backyard. Dubbed the Interstice, study of this mysterious portal has spurred a scientific revolution the likes of which the world has never before seen, and chief among the inventions that resulted is the Tellureon, a device that can capture and harness the essence of Time itself. With this device one may extend his lifespan into the hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of years…or cause his foes to shrivel up and die in a matter of seconds. Simply put, pure temporal energy is the most valuable resource ever known.

It was soon discovered that organic matter can absorb and store temporal energy – the older the matter, the better. Fossils become prized resources as a result; ammonites and trilobites are adopted as currency, and natural history museums with their vast collections become some of the world’s most powerful organizations practically overnight. Paleontology is no longer a scientific practice but a monetary one, and expeditions are sent all over the world in search of invaluable fossil beds.

In the deserts and badlands of America, the Bone Wars are well underway. On one side is the Cope Collective, led by its affluent founder Edward Drinker Cope; in this enlightened age, time is money and money is power, and Cope wants nothing more than power. With an army of steam-powered machines ranging from the fearsome brass-and-iron Saurotomaton to the nightmarish Elasmosaur Engine at his beck and call, if it is more power this mad genius wants, it is more power he’ll get. On the other side is the Othniellians, led by Othniel Charles Marsh, a brilliant and crazed paleontologist who has pioneered the arcane process of “saurogenesis”, allowing him to create dinosaurs from scratch or even modify living creatures, transforming them into half-saurian monstrosities. Like his rival Marsh too seeks power and prestige, and when these two titans of science collide…it may change the face of the world forever.

Meanwhile, on the Dark Continent, the Scramble for Africa has been delayed by the sudden emergence of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts from the continent’s sweltering tropical interior. Where – or when – they came from no one can quite say, but for the brave men and women of the Explorer’s Club they represent the ultimate adventure: the big game hunt of a lifetime.

In the shadow of all this lies the World’s Faire, a motley collection of thieves, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and assorted men-for-hire that use their skills to earn their next paycheck. Unscrupulous and uninterested in “the big picture”, the Faire is a diverse pool from which the Cope Collective, the Othniellians, and countless other groups have assembled their fighting forces.


“Sauriana: The Bone Wars” is a tabletop skirmish game and the soon-to-be flagship product of FossilPunk Foundry. Featuring dinosaurs, automatons, and other pulp themes in an alt-history 1800s setting, Sauriana is played with the use of 32mm miniatures, character cards, and other pieces. I’ll be honest right now and say that I personally have no interest in Sauriana as a game; I’m not the gaming type, nor do I have the time or skills to deal with building high-quality miniatures. I’m here for the lore, and from what I’ve seen so far…I absolutely love it.

People know me as being a stickler when it comes to accurate portrayals of prehistoric creatures in media. What they might not know is that I have a soft spot for the old ways as well; when it comes to science our past should never be forgotten, for it shows us just how far we have come. For me paleontology is no different, so when something comes along that openly advertises itself as a “period piece”, I’m all for it.

Sauriana is inspired by the paleontological discoveries made in the 1800s and reflects both the knowledge and ways of thinking from that period; notable figures include the aforementioned Cope and Marsh, both of whom were real people engaged in a real “war” for fossil discoveries. The Bone Wars is an untapped area in the history of paleontology that I really think needs to be made more publicly known, and introducing it in the form of a tabletop game is a great and inventive way to do it. The creatures present in the game should be based on the science of the period as well, as the only dinosaur confirmed so far is the Laelaps, and it is depicted as was the norm for the time period: big, scaly, tail-dragging, and terrifying. There is mention of T.rex but, as that animal was described in 1905, it’s likely just a first-draft oversight.

Being an alt-history 1800s setting, certain elements were bound to pop up. Steampunk is present in the Cope Collective’s mechanized soldiers, and atavisms and mutagenic serums are a big part of the Othniellian dogma, harking back to the tragic tales of Moreau and Jekyll; ostentatious big-game hunters in the vein of real-life characters like Teddy Roosevelt and Trader Horn (and including them, apparently) have flocked to Africa in search of time-displaced dinosaurs to hunt. As it was in the nineteenth century, the quest for scientific knowledge is a major aspect of the setting, as the realm of logic and facts pushes ever deeper into the uncharted realms of myth, superstition, and sorcery. All in all, I think FossilPunk Foundry has really captured something unique here, something that no other tabletop game or dinosaur-related media has done, and I believe that it is something that, if nurtured properly, could make them very, very popular.

Unlikely as it would be, I think FossilPunk should call up the guys over at Antediluvian Miniatures and see if they can get something going; AM have a series of Victorian-inspired dinosaur miniatures but no setting to house them. Let’s see some collaboration!

Want to know more about Sauriana and FossilPunk Foundry? Find them over on Facebook:…  .
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